Salclear Saniscube is our specially formulated divesuit, BCD and general purpose equipment disinfectant concentrate. It is a companion product to our scuba diving detergent concentrate Salclear Scubasoap, and provides a formulated and potent antimicrobial sanitizer for all scuba diving and watersports equipment.

Salclear is a brand name synonymous with leading edge antifog, antimist, or defog technology for eyewear, specialist scuba diving accessories, and niche products for the sports and leisure industry.

Saniscube is a disinfectant concentrate and sanitiser suitable for all types of diving equipment and is safe to use on neoprene, butyl rubber divesuit seals, plastics, metals and other rubber components.

We are THE leading UK producer of proprietary antifog products for the sports world; and our individual range of products are formulated and produced by our own chemical technologists in order to provide cutting edge performance for scuba diving and swimming.

Salclear also produces it's own branded formulations of wetsuit lubricants, mask preparation fluids, mask and goggle defogs for swimming pools, jellyfish sting remedy, ear dewatering aids, nasal decongestants and underwater photographic aids.



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